Factory Farming Assignment

Write a one-page typed synopsis that addresses the process involved with factory farming and any of the complications associated with industrialized agriculture. For example, what might a farmer who plants corn have to go through to be successful? What obstacles might he have to face? Find at least two articles (see here) on a farmed product that falls under one of the following: livestock, seafood, or plant matter. These categories should be further specified (e.g., cattle, salmon, corn, etc.) You should understand the basics of the farming process well enough to be able to explain it briefly to someone who is uninformed on the subject. Your one-page typed synopsis will address the following:

  • Why such programs exist
  • What factors are involved with the process
  • Benefits of factory farming
  • Detriments of factory farming
  • Any viable alternatives to the existing system
  • NOTE: Don't neglect to take into account all relevant variables (economic, moral, etc.)

Your synopsis must be one full page; must follow MLA format, including a Works Cited entry (see the OWL for help); and is due at the beginning of class. This assignment will count as 10% toward your total quiz grade.