Paper 2
The Ideal State

Write a 6 to 8-page paper that explores leadership and government. Using at least two of the authors we will be reading in class (Lao-tzu, Machiavelli, Plato, Jefferson, King Jr., Thoreau, Rousseau, or Marx [other authors may be substituted on my authorization]), examine the issues that are presented within their works which seem most important to your definition of an Ideal State. For example, Machiavelli states that a leader must be armed otherwise there will be no order. You may argue for or against Machiavelli. For each point you make, you will be taking a stance. Your points need not be similarly relevant; they are all connected in that they are your choices of what are necessary to maintain or to avoid in order to foster an ideal state.

You should also provide secondary sources devoted to examples of the ideas used by the primary authors. For example, to support the point from Machiavelli above, you might show examples of leaders from the past who have chosen to be armed both physically and mentally in order to prove why such a quality is important.

Your paper should be divided into sections each of which contain the following information:
  • An introduction/explanation of the idea from the primary source, including a quote
  • An explanation of the quote and how it applies to the point you are making
  • At least one example from the world of this idea being practiced or being neglected, including a quote from a secondary source
  • An explanation of the connection (or lack thereof) between the primary and secondary sources
This list is an example of what readers might expect you to develop. The actual content you choose to provide will depend upon which idea you are presenting and whether you are arguing for or against the primary author's proposal. As for order with regard to constructing your paper, be logical. There may not be an inherently obvious order given the topics you've chosen to discuss. You may think in terms of least to most important or other such logical constructs.

Be mindful of the following criteria:
  • Your paper should take into account the current turbulence of world government though your examples can come from any time in history so long as the point is relevant today.
  • No first-person or second-person points of view
  • No history of the primary authors / no reporting--this is research
  • Must follow current edition MLA format
  • Your sources MUST be either texts or come from the Online Databases accessed through the Library
  • Do not forget