Paper 1

Write a 4-6 page paper in which you analyze one short story. Your analysis should cover all relevant elements such as plot, character, point of view, setting, symbol, and theme. Depending on the story you choose, some elements may be less prevalent than others. You will be using Short Stories for Students as a resource, quoting from at least two separate sources of criticism along with quotes from the original text.

Summary is unacceptable. This must be an analysis driven by your opinion of the work itself using the elements mentioned above. You choose which ones are worthy of working with in your paper. You need not write about all available elements of the short story. The goal should be to create a cohesive, well-developed paper that meets the minimum page requirement. Following trends that you find within the criticism is a good idea.

Be mindful of the following criteria:

  • SOURCES: 1 Primary, 2 Secondary (minimum)
  • No first-person or second-person points of view
  • You must follow strict MLA format including a Works Cited page
  • You must cite at least two secondary sources
  • Do not forget